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Willkommen...Welcome...Konnichiwa...Eoseo oseyo...Ni hao !!! Please write in English or German. :3

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"Denchi Ga Kireru Made" aka "Till The Battery Runs Out"

Main Cast:
Zaizen Naomi         Year aired: 2004
Hara Sachie           Genre: Drama
Kaname Jun           Episodes: 10
Yoshioka Miho
David Ito

Synopsis: A touching story of a hospital teacher that discovers the real meaning and value of life though her experiences teaching terminally ill children. The story is based on a real and encouraging poem written by a girl who died at the age of 11.

"Star no Koi" aka "Sutaa no Koi " aka "A Star Love"

Main Cast:
Fujiwara Norika              Year aired: 2001
Kusanagi Tsuyoshi         Genre: Drama
Katsumura Masanobu     Episodes: 11
Anzai Hiroko
Toda Keiko

Synopsis: Sosuke Nakata (Tsuyoshi Kusanagi), is just your everyday salaried worker. There is really nothing special that stands out about Nakata. He is a serious guy, whose life mostly consists of going back and forth to the office each day. Suddenly one day though, Nakata just happens to meet a certain woman by coincidence-top star, Hikaruko Kirishima (Norika Fujiwara). Just by talking to her, Nakata is left standing feeling like he has just seen a dream. This story, a somewhat funny, but romantic love story, follows the footsteps of a man and woman from very different worlds, as they experience the painful and sometimes remarkable ups and downs of love.

"Summer Snow"

Main Cast:
Dohmoto Tsuyoshi           Year aired: 2000
Hirosue Ryoko                 Genre: Romance, Drama
Imai Tsubasa                  Episodes: 11
Ikewaki Chizuru
Oguri Shun

Synopsis: A love story between a young man who has been forced to grow up too quickly, and a young woman with an ailment that has placed restrictions on her life. Natsuo (Domoto Tsuyoshi) has been looking after his younger brother and sister since the death of their parents. He has also been running the family bicycle shop. Yuki (Hirosue Ryoko) becomes the only person in the world in whom he can confide. For Yuki, Natsuo becomes the catalyst that has her trying to break out of her cocoon.

"Koi Ga Shitai" aka "Where is Love? " aka "I Want (to be in) Love "

Main Cast:
Watabe Atsuro         Year aired: 2001
Mizuno Miki             Genre: Romance, Drama
Kanno Miho             Episodes: 11
Oikawa Mitsuhiro

Synopsis: Koi ga Shitai x3 ("Where is Love?" or "I Want to be in Love" is a character driven story that examines the relationships and bonds that six random people thrown together at one moment share with one another, and how that bond develops over the course of the series.
The seven main characters are named after the colors of the rainbow to correspond with the theme song, "Rainbow Connection" by the Carpenters. First, there is Akai Ryosuke (Red, Watabe Atsuro), a high school teacher that is having relationship problems with his fiancee a few days before the wedding; Second, there is Hada Ai (Indigo, Mizuno Miki), a woman who feels like she's drifting aimlessly through the world, latching on to different men so she feels less lonely; Third, there is Nagashima Mikan (Orange, Kanno Miho), a socially awkward hotel worker searching for love; Fourth, there is Shimura Ichiro (Purple, Oikawa Mitsuhiro), an author playboy that holds a secret that prevents him from getting close to others; Fifth, there is Midorikawa Bunpei (Green, Tokoro George), a down-on-his-luck gyuudon (beef-bowl) restaurant manager; Sixth, there is Aoshima Wataru (Blue, Yamada Takayuki), a busy high school student searching for a partner; and lastly, there is Kouda Orie (Yellow, Okae Kumiko), a housewife that is in a loveless marriage.
One fateful day, they all meet at Bunpei's gyuudon-ya and the bonds of fate begin to tighten, as we soon discover all of the characters are related in one way or another. As in the title, each of these characters are searching for love, but will they find it in the end?

"Ace Wo Nerae" aka "Aim For The Ace"

Main Cast:
Ueto Aya                      Year aired: 2004
Yoshizawa Yuu              Genre: Sport
Matsumoto Rio              Episodes: 9 + Special
Sakai Ayana

Synopsis: On her first day at Nishi High School, the first year Hiromi Oka is inspired by one of her sempais, Ryuuzaki Ochoufuji Reika to join the tennis club. The arrival of the new (Davis Cup winner) tennis coach Munakata Jin upsets the varsity team line up, and Oka finds herself as a member of the competing team. New to the game of tennis and unsure of herself, Oka has to struggle against the torments of the rival whom she displaced and severe challenges of the new coach to find her place on the awarded Nishi tennis team.

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