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Willkommen...Welcome...Konnichiwa...Eoseo oseyo...Ni hao !!! Please write in English or German. :3

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Musik: Bloody Knee-High-Socks - Tommy heavenly6

Das neuste JDrama das ich mir jetzt nach Kurosagi anschaue, heißt Lunch No Joou (Lunch Queen). Die Serie ist aus dem Jahr 2002 und hat 12 Episoden. Ich finde es klasse, dass hier so viele Schauspieler agieren die ich kenne. So zum Beispiel Yamada Takayuki und Yamashita Tomohisa. Letzterer war ja schon in Kurosagi zu sehen. Takayuki-san hat schon in Filmen/Serien wie Waterboys und Densha Otoko mitgespielt.

Synopsis: Natsumi, who works in a cafe, loves lunchtime. In fact, nothing excites her more than walking down the street thinking where she'll eat lunch at.
One day, a man by the name of Kennichiro suddenly interrupts Natsumi as she is savoring her favorite rice omelet. He pulls the furious Natsumi out of the restaurant and begs her to come home with him so that he can introduce her to his family. He explains to her that his father is sick, and since leaving home two years ago after a big fight, the only way he can return home is if he has a fiancee with him.
Kennichiro's father Kenzo and 3 younger brothers - Yuujiro, Junzaburo, and Koshiro - run a restaurant called "Kitchen Macaroni." Also working at the restaurant are Mamoru, a chef; and Minoru, a live-in apprentice cook.
As Kennichiro and Natsumi approach the restaurant, Kennichiro asks Natsumi to go in alone and check out what is happening inside. Natsumi reluctantly enters alone. As she takes a look around, she sees Koshiro talking to Tomato Shiomi, who works at the nearby grocery store called "Shiomi." Kennichiro's other brothers are working in the kitchen. Next she spots Kenzo, who according to Kennichiro is supposed to be ill. Naturally, Natsumi can't believe how irresponsible Kennichiro is for telling such lies. While she is thinking this, the omelet that she ordered arrives. She takes one bite out of it, and as she smiles, the next thing out of her mouth is, "delicious!" A short time after, Kennichiro walks into the restaurant, and his brother Yujiro grabs him and starts lecturing him for showing his face. Natsumi breaks them apart, but senses Kennichiro isn't appreciated there.
This is the first day that Natsumi gets a real "taste" of "Kitchen Macaroni," and also Kennichiro's brothers, who are bent on serving delicious lunches to their customers.
6.3.07 14:43

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